Exploring the Most Popular Communities in New York City

From Chinatown to Williamsburg & Astoria to Jackson Heights - explore some of NYC's most popular communities & what makes them so special!

Exploring the Most Popular Communities in New York City

New York City is a bustling metropolis known for its vibrant culture and never-ending energy. With more than 8 million people living in five boroughs, it's no surprise that the city is home to a variety of unique and diverse communities. From the Lower East Side to Chelsea, Harlem to Williamsburg, and Astoria to Jackson Heights, each neighborhood has its own distinct flavor and attractions. In this article, we'll explore some of the most popular communities in New York City and what makes them so special. The Lower East Side is a neighborhood shaped by immigrants, and its history is fascinating and can best be enjoyed at the Tenement Museum on Orchard Street.

The New Museum and the Museum of the International Center of Photography are also nearby. Spanning blocks from 14th to 23rd Street and Sixth Avenue to the Hudson River, Chelsea is home to gay-owned and operated stores, galleries and restaurants, as well as numerous gay bars. In Barracuda, you'll find transvestite shows and 2-for-1 drinks; Rebar is the ideal place to dance and have fun, and the Eagle hosts a leather scene like no other. Chinatown is unlike anywhere else in the city, with busy streets and sidewalks full of fruit and vegetable stalls, vendors selling imitations of designers and crowds of people in every direction. Accommodation options are limited: the 50 Bowery Hotel is a boutique hotel with an excellent rooftop bar, the Leon Hotel overlooks the Manhattan Bridge, and there's a Best Western and a Wyndham Garden nearby, as well as a handful of Airbnbs.

Otherwise, you'll have no problem staying on a tight budget, thanks to the affordable souvenir shops and, most importantly, the affordable dining options. Follow the tour buses to 64 Perry St, which served as the front of Carrie Bradshaw's apartment in Sex and the City, and then walk a few blocks south to 90 Bedford St, where you'll find the Friends apartment; further east, Don Draper, from Mad Men, had an apartment at 104 Waverly Pl, next to Washington Square Park. Harlem has been the epicenter of black culture in the United States since the early 20th century, but the neighborhood really became famous in the 1920s when the Harlem Renaissance kicked off a decade of unparalleled artistic expression. Roosevelt Ave is a little quiet but its offerings of Tibetan, North Indian and Colombian food make it worth a walk, as does its variety of stellar taqueria restaurants. But to get a real idea of the neighborhood's atmosphere, head north to the family-oriented 37th Ave., where you'll find dosos and arepas, as well as Uruguayan candies and Brazilian boutiques among other family stores. On Metropolitan Ave there is the Knitting Factory factory in Brooklyn, and on Bedford Ave is the Williamsburg Music Center - a jazz club owned by blacks that has existed since 1981 - practically an eternity in New York's ever-changing nightlife scene. If Williamsburg is the oldest statesman then Bushwick - to its east - is its youngest and most promising place; packed with elegant places (often former warehouses) to drink dance see a show or just mingle with its alluring crowd.

To dance on its dance floor go to Jupiter Disco Lot 45 Mood Ring or Bossa Nova Civic Club; to see your favorite band try Elsewhere Alphaville or Market Hotel. Lonely Planet's Experience New York City is your guide to unforgettable experiences and local surprises. Explore the rich literary history of Harlem delight your senses in Chinatown or explore some of New York's most bohemian places in The Villages - all guided by local experts with new perspectives. Right next to Brooklyn Bridge along East River Brooklyn Heights has a historic feel very close to Manhattan. The neighborhood has more than 600 houses from before Civil War making it one of New York's most popular neighborhoods for families. It has been called New York's first suburb. This eclectic Manhattan neighborhood is one of best places to rent a home in New York City because of its affordability and access to city's incredible nightlife restaurants entertainment and shopping.

Trendy Williamsburg fuses classic Brooklyn charm with New York's vibrant nightlife including some of best bars in New York although affordability of Williamsburg is another major attraction for living in this neighborhood. In addition getting around New York from Lower East Side (LES) is easy thanks to convenient access to city transportation such as routes B D F J M & Z subway stations. Although you can take N & W lines to more active places such as downtown Manhattan Astoria has an exciting informal atmosphere & culture completely unique from other neighborhoods in Queens New York. Jackson Heights also has one of largest LGBTIQ+ communities in New York hosting New Queens Pride Parade every June. The neighborhood has been home to creative community LGBT movement & New York University. New York City has one of most expensive living costs in country so finding place to live is biggest challenge. But city's art institutions celebrate future of African Americans through Afrofuturism exhibitions.

At Schomburg Center for Research on Black Culture at New York Public Library selections from personal collections of leading artists & activists are made available to public while National Jazz Museum pays homage to past & present of genre. An innovative exhibition that explores contributions of African Americans to culinary & cultural landscape of United States opens in New York. Park itself is also celluloid classic having appeared in films such as Ghostbusters II or Inside Llewyn Davis & it's also favorite place for celebrities - none other than David Bowie called it his favorite place in New York. Niche - company that collects information on cities - recently published its annual ranking of best neighborhoods in New York City.

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